Staging and Color Scheme

Thank Goodness for Creative Friends

So it's not like our old color scheme was BAD. It's just that it could possibly have been a mental hurdle for a potential buyer to have to overcome. Clarissa Gibson with The Gibson Co. noticed this immediately the first time we had her over to talk about using her to stage our home.

You don't want a home shopper to walk in to your house for the first time and immediately start having to change things in their mind. Like, "We'd have to paint that room.", or, "Those curtains will have to go.". They could even be the person that eventually buys your house, so allow them to walk in and see as clean of a slate as you can. - Clarissa


Clarissa came by the other day to talk about what's left to do now that we have taken her advice and painted our entire downstairs, foyer and upstairs hallway. Give the video below and watch, then PLEASE SHARE our story with your friends using the share button below the video.