Vision Casting and Storytelling Night
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Vision Casting and Storytelling Night

Celebrating What God is Doing in Our Agency

Hello Beautiful People!

We are SO excited to have you join us on Tuesday night at Crazy Love Coffee in Roswell. A lot has happened in the 6 plus years of serving our customers and we thought we'd give you a small preview of the run down for our Event.

But First...


We have rented out the joint. So plan on arriving right at 7 to get your complimentary coffee and desserts.

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  • First up, our friend John Gray will be walking us through the planning that he did for his family that is helping to bring normalcy back from a life altering event.
  • There's a planning tool that I require of all my new customers. Allison and Craig Ahrens will explain why having this tool is one of the best decisions they've ever made.
  • Brandon Coker (Hi Bud!) told me once, "There's two things that they don't teach future husbands and sex...and we're not real good at either one 'em." Hilarious! With that said, Brandon's wife Amanda will be joining us along with Kristy Lott from Dime Tax, LLC to talk about the Coker's journey to financial independence.

Vision Casting

After almost 20 years in the Financial Services arena, I've come to realize the lack of financial intentionality when it comes to how we manage God's money, is still overwhelming. I will be sharing about the exciting new direction that the agency is headed and hopefully the easy and fun way that you can be involved in changing the way we all handle God's money.

Not So Secret Video

Most of y'all know Casey Darnell. Well, he has written maybe the catchiest song since Gangham Style...(you have that in your head now? You're welcome!) Everyone in the room will have a chance to be a part of the video that is sure to be a viral hit!

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How well are you connected to our Agency online? The more ways you are, the more ways you can win. Trust me, with over $1000 in prizes to give away, you're going to want to be as connected as you can. So...

See Y'all Tuesday Night!!

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