Actual Reviews from Van's Facebook Page


"When you are a client of Van's you have a personal relationship with Van. He is invested in you and your life. He will be honest with you and guide you in the right direction. That is what I appreciate most. We joined Van shortly before getting married and we lucked out finding someone we can trust. He got us set up with our Roth IRAs and life insurance along with renters, auto, and a personal articles policy. I can't say enough praise about Van & his team, there is an ease that comes with being their client. They are always there when I have questions. I have had two accidents in which my car was totaled and he was first to call make sure I was okay. Those accidents of course raised our rates significantly! With a rate now doubled we did shop around to see what options we had. However, for us it was worth toughing it out for the time frame it'll take to drop off of our insurance, for the security we have with Van at State Farm. I asked friends and family for recommendations and none said anything spectacular or could even think of their agents name without looking it up. I can't speak for any other agents but we are sure blessed to have Van by our side." - L. Hedges

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"It's hard to find an insurance agent who isn't trying to squeeze every dollar out of you. Van is the exception. He truly puts family first, and will tell you how it is. Honest, reliable, and full of integrity. We have auto, home, and life policies with Van and I feel so much more secure knowing my family can rely on him." - J. Dean


"You want to deal with St. Farm and especially the Van Baird agency. Following in my father's footsteps, I've been a St. Farm customer for the past 40 years and will continue to benefit from the peace of mind of this Good Neighbor. I switched to the Van Baird agency a few months back and could not be happier. Van, and his team if professionals, have treated our family with love and respect. In addition, their careful review of all our plans resulted in significant savings. I wanted to switch anyway, but any extra savings with 2 teenagers was a bonus.
I'd be happy to personally share my story if you want to talk with a very satisfied customer." -
B. Kaufmann

"Let's be real, many people can figure out how to have a job of selling insurance, but Van is changing the game. I've never once felt like I'm being taken advantage of, overlooked, or anything of the sort. I really believe that Van and his team care about how my family is taken care of. 

I actually choose to pay a little more so that I get such good service and quality of policies (3). Let me repeat that, I CHOOSE to pay a tad more just so I can make sure I get the quality and attention if it ever came to needing it." - T. Buckhingham