Each Monday, I get on Twitter and I see #MondayMotivations. Tweets that seem to feel like we all need a little encouragement to get a new work week started. Why is that? Do we all have something happen to us every Sunday night when we go to bed that causes us to wake up on Monday SHOCKED that it's new week? 

HA! Of course not. For most of us, it's the realization that we're starting the same routine all over again. Kinda of Groundhog Day movie syndrome. Well, doesn't King Solomon, the wisest man to ever live, tell us that there is nothing new under the sun? All pursuits are folly and in vein? (How 'bout that for a total Debbie Downer moment on your Monday?)

Ironically, I see this same surprised reaction when I ask friends about the way they manage God's money. Over and over again I hear confusion and surprise in conversations about saving and spending. If we're honest, it comes down to Money-n-N.U.T.S. (Money-Nothing New Under The Sun)

Why is it so hard?

I've know my wife Wendy for almost 25 years. In that time, there have been countless conversations about staying on track with our finances. It's so frustrating!!! With all the tools, resources, web sites and Dave Ramsey's out there for us to learn from, why does managing money still fall under the:

"It's simple, but it ain't easy" category?

Kinda like we need more motivation when Mondays roll around, even though we know they're coming, we need encouragement with what we already know to be true about money.


Debit Envelopes
In order to keep it simple, Wendy and I have adopted the debit card envelope system. Not based on a budget! It's based on how we want our finances to reflect what we believe in and what we value. We've found what works...for us as well as a lot of friends that have adopted this system as well.

We put money in our "buckets" twice a month. When the buckets empty, we CAN'T spend anymore in that category. So, how's this different than a normal budget? Great question. You can get the answer over a cup of coffee soon. 

Thanks for allowing me to do what I love!