IO For Sunday September 3, 2017

Straight to the Point

I know exactly what you're thinking, "It's almost the weekend, I'm tired of reading emails, I just want to be off of work for 3 days."  Well since that's the case and we are all on the same page I'll keep this short!

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- Happy Labor Day! Enjoy it with your families!

- September 8-10 - Freshman & Sophomore VR - No Inside Out for our guys

- September 15-17 - Junior & Senior VR - InsideOut @ 4:30 on September 17 for Freshman and Sophomores

- September 24 - NO INSIDEOUT (Fall Break)


*For our VR registration, please be at the church at 5:15 PM to check in!

Click here for your Updated Rosters


Thanks guys! Can't wait to spend time together at VR!

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