Vertical Reality 2017 Leader Info


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The time has come!! I'm so excited for an incredible weekend with you, your students, & some good ol’ fresh mountain air!! 

Here are some need-to-know details for the weekend: 

  • Leader dinner starts at 5:15 on Friday (in the Theater) and the meeting will officially kick off at 5:30 (please do not park in the back parking lot - they will be repaving. Park in the back of the side parking lot).
  • Online Leader Guide (includes session guides, schedules, maps)
  • The parent email link went out earlier this week and I posted it above in the GroupMe
  • Current rosters are attached (which also list medical conditions & what bus (6:00 or 11:00) that they'll be riding on). If there is an issue with a bus, please let me know ASAP. Our buses are VERY full :) 
  • If you are driving up late Friday night, please let me know. We will give you the gate code to get into camp. 

It constantly blows me away seeing the life-change that happens when leaders (YOU!) consistently choose to make high school students a priority and love them like your own. Thank you for taking an entire weekend to invest and love on your small group. Like KD said...


You truly are influencing and pointing your students towards Jesus, and after all, that is the ultimate goal. I am forever thankful for you. 

I love ya'll and can't wait to see you on Friday! Let me know if you need anything!!