IO For Sunday August 27, 2017

Vertical Reality Dinner THIS Sunday

Man, last Sunday was incredible. THANK YOU for everything you did to make B2SB a success. What a NIGHT! 

This Sunday in InsideOut:

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Rep Your School

Not you, but your guys!

We are doing "Rep your School" night. When students get to IO they will go outside and go to a table that is set up for their school. They will be able to get raffle tickets that will go towards winning prizes during hosting. Check out Instagram for more details! 


Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 1.06.39 PM.png
  • Clay Finnesand and Emily Harrison are leading worship. 
  • Tim Benitez will be with us speaking, in week 1 of a new series called Crew. 
  • Here are your Small Group Questions
  • The VR dinner will be in that attic right after small group

Vertical Reality: 

See you Sunday!