IO For Sunday August 20, 2017

Back To School Bash Info

This Sunday - Back to School Bash - is going to be AMAZING. We are so excited for you to experience such a fun Sunday with your students!

Sunday will look different than a typical IO:



It's like a cage match but outside the cage.

- Pop Up Shop - 3:30 - 4:45 // If not sold out, will reopen after small group till 7:00

- Aiming to open doors at 4:50

- Tripp Crosby will be hosting (assuming it will be hilarious)

- Gerald is speaking and it will be great! 

- Brett, Sarah, and Clay will be leading worship 

- Small group will be super short/No discussion questions this week. Make sure to fill out an enroll form for new students using the forms that can be found in your small group room - Please make this a priority. Turn all forms in at the first time desk. 

- FLOUR FIGHT! Just a reminder - you definitely need to participate!  No students will be allowed back into the building. One of the front doors (looking at the front entrance of BBC, to the far right door) will be open for leaders to pick up kids from childcare. Please dust off as much flour as possible before entering the building! 

Vertical Reality: Rosters are attached and price increases this Monday at midnight!