IO For Sunday May 6, 2018

First Things First...


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Second Things Second...

Changing things up a bit this week with "Battle of the Sexes"

Hosting - Ryan 

Worship - Clay & Kaycee

Celebrating 2 Baptisms!!

** guys and girls will be split up for the talk **

Speaking - Guys = Bobby Ditzler & Gerald  // will move to the Theater


Important Dates:

- May 20 = Outing Sunday // please be planning your outings! It always feels better to have a plan in place!

- WALK rosters are attached. Let us know how we can help with encouraging your guys to sign and/or invite their friends.

I've attached a list of the Important Dates for you to put on your calendars

Small Group Questions

They are a little bit different this week so please read over them ahead of time. Click here!

Thanks for all you do for your students!!!