IO For Sunday April 8, 2018

Hey guys!

Just wanted to let you know about what is coming up at InsideOut!  We are so thankful for you guys and the way that you pour into your students.  Keep up the good work!

Coming Up:

4.8.18 - GA Swarm lacrosse game/InsideOut band performance - click HERE to buy your ticket, we can reimburse you for the cost on 4.15.18 - the InsideOut band will be playing at half time and will be having a concert after the game.  

  • When you get there, go to the InsideOut flag. (you and your students can buy tickets at this door at the discounted rate if you so desire)
  • We have sections just for InsideOut- you don't have to sit in your exact seat, just in the assigned InsideOut sections (102-121). You will go in the right side of the arena. 
  • The game starts at 4:05pm, and we should be done around 6:30pm.

NEXT Sunday-  4.15.18 - Leader Meeting at 3:30 at Browns Bridge, more info next week

You guys are amazing! Thanks for volunteering. Here's a meme to make your day better: