IO For Sunday December 17, 2017

Hey Guys!

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 10.24.39 AM.png

This Sunday we will be combining with the 4:30 service.  It will be a normal 4:30 church service with 3 InsideOut student baptisms.  We are encouraging all of our students to come and to bring their families as well. This is the first time we have combined with the 4:30 and we are excited to join them as the year comes to a close for us.  

We will NOT have small groups this week and your attendance is not mandatory, however, it would be great if you could be with your groups! Also a great time to meet/interact with parents!

Please continue to look for your MyLife host homes and once you have found them click HERE to fill out the host home form!

Our next InsideOut will be on January 7th! See y'all next year!


Thank you for all you do and have a Merry Christmas!