IO For Sunday October 22, 2017

2 Things...Maybe 3

First, don't forget to RSVP for our Top Golf Outing on November November 10. And by "don't forget", I mean...Aaron, Ben, Rylan, Chris, Trey, Austin, Bill, Tristan, Evan, Mike, Pacer, Ethan, Ben, Kyle, Russell, Ray, Grant, Ryan...go back to the Group Me app, Tap the Group Icon on the top right of your screen, then Tap Calendar.


New Attendance Method

Second, we implemented a new counting method this past Sunday. You and your guys may have noticed me creeping outside your Small Group door. I'm going around a getting a head count of each room. I may text you this week to have you give me that number.

Speaking of This Week:

  • Jackson Speed is hosting
  • Heath Baltzigler and Seth Condrey are leading worship
  • The great Gerald Fadayomi is speaking


Small Group Questions (Pro Tip...screen shot this section):

1. What's on your bucket list?

2. What would it look like for you to thrive and not just survive high school?

3. What gift do you need to start exercising?

4. How could you be bolder in your faith?

5. Other than charity water next week, how else can you join the fight?


Important Dates:

Oct. 29 - FALL VIBES // Baptism Sunday 

Nov. 5 - Leader Meeting @ 3:30

Nov. 12 - Mandatory Mission Trip Interest Meeting @ 1:30 for parents and students

Nov. 19 - No IO


Can't wait to see you guys Sunday!