IO For Sunday October 15, 2017

Hey Guys!

Thanks again for carving out time to have outings with your groups this past Sunday! We seriously loved hearing about them and seeing pics! **WAY TO BE AWESOME**

If you have any interest in going on a mission trip (which we highly recommend  ) please CLICK HERE to let us know! 

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This Week:

- Our very own Jackson Speed will be hosting!

- Brett Stanfill and Kaycee Hines will be leading worship

- Mallory Boyle will be speaking on week 3 of From Here to There

- Small group questions are attached


Important Dates:

Oct. 29 - FALL VIBES // Baptism Sunday  

Nov. 5 - Leader Meeting @ 3:30

Nov. 12 - Mandatory Mission Trip Interest Meeting @ 1:30 for parents and students

Nov. 19 - No IO