Working Title: Money N.N.U.T.S. - Ecclesiastes 1:9

My desire: Lead people to a growing relationship with God's money (S/O to NPM)

Three reasons to form this organization:

  1. DTR - Define the relationship with God's money
    1. Relationships are what we live for
    2. A relationship with Jesus is the most important relationship
    3. then family
    4. then friends
    5. All of the above relationships are directly affected by your relationship with money
  2. Go change the world
    1. As a society, we desire to to good
    2. Debt keeps us from taking proper action
    3. Financial Freedom allows us to make better decisions
  3. Community of Sharing
    1. We keep financial misunderstanding in the dark
    2. Sharing what works and what isn't with like minded groups of people


Questions to Discuss

  1. For Profit versus NFP (I feel strongly about NFP)
  2. Balancing web precense with physical community
  3. Curriculum - not my strong suit
  4. Partners
    1. Financially
    2. Socially/Digitally
    3. Relationally
    4. Prayerfully
    5. Speakers from various communities
  5. Creating Communities
    1. Dinners
    2. Cocktails
    3. Pizza Lunches
    4. Dessert Night
    5. Newly Married Couples Getaways