My Fighting Weight?'s been 2 months. 2 months since the size 36 khaki shorts I put on turned into a python tightening around my waist. 2 months since I pulled out a tailor's tape measure and had to pull slightly to get it to the 39" mark around my waist. 2 months since I had 3 inches that I could pinch on my "love handles". (Ew! BTW) 2 months since a stepped on a scale and it was trying to top 200 lbs. 2 months since my 46th birthday when I looked into the mirror and declared I would NOT have a "Dad Bod".

Okay, technically, it'll be 2 months on Tuesday, but I know I won't have time to write this by then.

Since July 13th, I:

  • started swimming for 30 minutes almost everyday
  • used the "Lose It" and "Health" apps religiously to track stuff
  • ate between 1600-1800 calories for 30 days
  • started exercising with a very very very small amount of weights
  • became humbled by a stability ball
  • stopped drinking beer for 30 days
  • stopped eating refined sugars (mostly)
  • LOST 10 lbs in 30 days, which meant that I
  • had to start eating over 2000 "healthy" calories to maintain my new 190 lb weight
  • lost 2 inches of fat from my "love handles" (still Ew!)
  • fit into those size 36 khaki shorts
  • got that tailor's measuring tape to go on over to the 36" mark

I gotta say, this is as healthy as I've been in 7 years. I'm at my "fighting weight" of 190 lbs. I'm eating and drinking just about whatever I want, within reason. I'm pretty much addicted to getting better and more efficient at swimming. To the point that I'll be joining a Swim Atlanta Masters team once my neighborhood pool closes the first of October.

If you want any details on my daily routine, I'm happy to share it. I didn't buy any companies weight loss products or training system. I just ate less and exercised more. Because the pain of staying the way I was, was greater than the pain I had about changing the way I was. When that happens, most people change.