My Fighting Weight?'s been 2 months. 2 months since the size 36 khaki shorts I put on turned into a python tightening around my waist. 2 months since I pulled out a tailor's tape measure and had to pull slightly to get it to the 39" mark around my waist. 2 months since I had 3 inches that I could pinch on my "love handles". (Ew! BTW) 2 months since a stepped on a scale and it was trying to top 200 lbs. 2 months since my 46th birthday when I looked into the mirror and declared I would NOT have a "Dad Bod".

Okay, technically, it'll be 2 months on Tuesday, but I know I won't have time to write this by then.

Since July 13th, I:

  • started swimming for 30 minutes almost everyday
  • used the "Lose It" and "Health" apps religiously to track stuff
  • ate between 1600-1800 calories for 30 days
  • started exercising with a very very very small amount of weights
  • became humbled by a stability ball
  • stopped drinking beer for 30 days
  • stopped eating refined sugars (mostly)
  • LOST 10 lbs in 30 days, which meant that I
  • had to start eating over 2000 "healthy" calories to maintain my new 190 lb weight
  • lost 2 inches of fat from my "love handles" (still Ew!)
  • fit into those size 36 khaki shorts
  • got that tailor's measuring tape to go on over to the 36" mark

I gotta say, this is as healthy as I've been in 7 years. I'm at my "fighting weight" of 190 lbs. I'm eating and drinking just about whatever I want, within reason. I'm pretty much addicted to getting better and more efficient at swimming. To the point that I'll be joining a Swim Atlanta Masters team once my neighborhood pool closes the first of October.

If you want any details on my daily routine, I'm happy to share it. I didn't buy any companies weight loss products or training system. I just ate less and exercised more. Because the pain of staying the way I was, was greater than the pain I had about changing the way I was. When that happens, most people change. 


Dad Bod

I, Van Baird, have a "Dad-bod". And it sucks. Big time.

I won't cause you to vomit by showing you the picture that's in my phone that I have movitatedly named "Before" of my gut. My 39" gut to be exact. Which is REALLY funny considering most of my summer shorts are the kind with a 36" waist size. See, here's the thing. At 6 feet 4 inches in height, I can hide some extra weight. And I have hidden so well that even I didn't see it. 

At 46 years of age, whatever metabolism I used to rely on that allowed me to eat and drink just about whatever I want has diminished greatly. And, heres' the thing...I know what it takes to stay in shape...and I just haven't been doing it. Eat a certain amount of calories every day and exercise at least 20 minutes. Over simplified to make my point. Staying is shape is simple and I'm trying to convince myself that it's not easy.

But it is! 

Or at least it should be easy. For me, it's a matter of prioritizing. I know in my head what it takes. It's a matter of setting myself up for success to actually follow through. See, I know I can drop weight without doing much activity. I can drink a ton of water. Cut out beer and refined sugar and POOF! I 'll drop 5 pounds in a couple of days. But I'm not really any healthier. So today, that stops.

My wife Wendy and I have a morning routine of waking up to have coffee in bed at 5am. She's out the door by 7:30. My work schedule allows for quite a bit of flexibility. I'll be in the pool swimming laps every other day for at least 30 minutes. The alternate days I'll be doing some body shaping exercises with free weights and body weight. Oh, and my diet...

I downloaded the Lose it app. I've heard lots of good things from friends that have had success in dropping some l-b's with it. It says for me to go from 199 lbs to 185 lbs in a healthy manner I need to eat about 1700 calories a day.

I'm really curious. Are there other mid-40 guys out there having to be super diligent with their health? What do you do stay on top of it? What tools or resources work best for you?

Stay tuned for some updates on my end as far as my progress. If you're on the same track, let me know so we can support and learn form one another.