Honoring Daughters

My Oldest Turned 21 Today

Even as I wrote that heading, it seemed a little weird. My oldest is out on her own. Working. Paying bills. Dating. Paying Taxes. And as of today, she can order an alcoholic beverage!! I mean, my wife was younger than 21 when we got married. Sheesh...I'm old.

Okay, that's not true. 46 isn't old. Although, I have logged some years as a parent and a Daddy. (Even though both my daughters call me Dad now...unless they want something). It's a special title, Father. It doesn't come with any instructions. And as a Father to girls, it doesn't come with any built in background to fall back on. So, in order to mark this milestone of having an adult daughter, I thought I would jot down a few thoughts about raising up daughters. 

My Girls and Me

My Girls and Me

Share More of Your Failures

I hear a lot of Dad's say that, especially once they're teenagers, they don't know what to talk about with their daughters. If you get comfortable relating stories of how you failed at something and how you learned from that failure and grew from it, it allows your daughter to see you in a better light. You don't have to turn into a Debbie Downer here, just don't look to project that you're ALWAYS this tough guy with ALL the answers in life. It's just not a true representation of the male species.

The Birthday Girl - aka My Adult Daughter

The Birthday Girl - aka My Adult Daughter

Lean On Other Dads

I very wise man once wrote that there is nothing new under the sun. Why do you think you have to figure out this whole Dad thing on your own? Find another guy that's raising or has raised a daughter and ask them to meet once a month. Pick their brain. We're GUYS! Guys love to tell you how to do things. It's n easy way to get great insight from someone that has gone before you.

The actress

The actress

You Set The Bar

Hopefully, one day, your daughter will grow up and meet the man of her dreams. Until then, you are the guy that is modeling for her how she should be treated. How she should be spoken to. You're setting the expectations that she has for herself on how she looks, her sense of humor, and for how a man should be responsible enough to give her heart to. 

Thank God they got their Mom's looks!

Thank God they got their Mom's looks!

Don't Be A Clipboard Dad

Clay Scroggins gives an example in his talk about How to Lead When You're Not In Charge that says in order to be good leader you need to learn how to carry a towel rather than a clipboard. His point was that Jesus washed the feet of his disciples. He didn't walk around with a check list of things they had to do before he accepted them or loved them. 

How often do we as Dads, walk into the door after work and start taking inventory of all the things that did or didn't get accomplished that day by your children? Probably more than our prideful selves want to admit. Learning how to serve your daughters opens up their hearts to be able to trust you enough with what's in there.

Chuck & Sash

Chuck & Sash

Who Are You Listening To?

Where are you getting your parenting advice?

Who's brain are you picking?

What book are you reading?

What's your BEST parenting advice?

What's the coolest way you've found to be an awesome Dad to your girls?

Leave a comment below and let's learn together.

An Open Letter of Tweets to Husbands

I was wondering about what to post next in the Family section and being a Husband to me is a pretty important title, having been one for over 23 years.

Huge responsibility!

My Bride and me

Holding the heart of a woman delicately enough to not damage it while at the same time strong enough to offer the security that allows her to love without fear.

I had the thought that I had tweeted about being a husband a few times. So I did a Twitter search for some inspiration. Over the years I've posted about being a husband or being married over 20 times. So for your encouragement, as a husband, I've posted some of them below.

Let me know your thoughts on on loving your Bride well. It's a constant learning curve and is worth sharpening each other in order to love our wives the way Christ loved the Church.

Tweets to Husbands