An Open Letter of Tweets to Husbands

I was wondering about what to post next in the Family section and being a Husband to me is a pretty important title, having been one for over 23 years.

Huge responsibility!

My Bride and me

Holding the heart of a woman delicately enough to not damage it while at the same time strong enough to offer the security that allows her to love without fear.

I had the thought that I had tweeted about being a husband a few times. So I did a Twitter search for some inspiration. Over the years I've posted about being a husband or being married over 20 times. So for your encouragement, as a husband, I've posted some of them below.

Let me know your thoughts on on loving your Bride well. It's a constant learning curve and is worth sharpening each other in order to love our wives the way Christ loved the Church.

Tweets to Husbands